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5 years

I just logged in to this after five years. I had to change that old gravitar picture that magically shows up when I register for the odd forum. Tonight I needed help identifying this pesky circuit component that I’ve spent more than (3) hours googling to find. How many more…I will go to my grave with that knowledge!

This is the part:


Pretty, no? Pretty dang hard to google I mean. But here’s the part where I feel like an eDeeot(tm). As I’m typing this, someone just posted that they are indeed capacitors, at 10pf and very high voltage. Why didn’t I just start with the LazyWeb?! Now to change that gravitar and I’ll be a level 3 social mediasaurus in no time.

Oh and it’s been Almost 5 years now apparently with no cable. I can say that not a single iota of remorse ever entered the equation. I’m about ready to cut ma-bell out of the picture, and maybe someday I’ll get one of them solar panel grids, find me some Rearden metal and shrug off these commercial coils. #todreamperchance


Day 3: iPad

Who needs a stinkin’ tv when you’ve got an iPad??? Thank you UPS Saturday delivery. (Note the fanboy apple t-shirt)


Losing our religion (TBN at least)

Well, we talked it over and decided to pack our TV and put it away for 3 months. I figured I’d blog about it since its one of the more…um…interesting things we’ve done in awhile. Today is day 1 of 90. Last night we lit a candle and canceled our Dish Network silver package, our Netflix 3-at-a-time, and my [Ed: Katie wants to be clear that it’s not ‘our’] Gamefly 3-at-a-time game membership subscriptions.

Why did we do this? Not for any goodie-touchy reasons (ok maybe a little goody, but no touchy). I just wanted to see what it would be like to be without it, since we watch it for hours a day some days. Will we have withdrawal? Will we read or interact or talk more? Will we buy (or grow) spools of hemp and make wallets to sell at the Whole Earth Festival? Maybe all of the above. It feels a little bit good to cancel a few monthly recurring costs. Who needs ‘V’ or ‘Mythbusters’ anyway? Buh-bye Mike Rowe, take Mickey’s Clubhouse with yeh.

Stop the mass slaughter of electrons!